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The files here are a remix of Vurmux's 1-bit tileset, but I've scaled them up, pulled out the color, outlined them, and turned them into basically a blank tileset I can use to create a coloring book. Vurmux was kind enough to make their work CC0 public domain so mine are as well. Everything here is yours now, too.

Since Vurmux's tileset was 12x12 I just scaled the tilesets up by 10x, making each tile now 120x120 (with a 10 pixel border), but I can then use the tileset in something like Tiled to create a map or a house or a forest or a garden or whatever I want, then "Export As Image" to a PNG and print it onto a piece of paper and go color. The border, included, I made, and its yours now, too.

I am a complete amateur and I did this for fun. I wanted to see if I could make something that others could enjoy with minimal expense except for a little bit of ink and a sheet of paper. It probably took me eleventeen times as long to make this as it would have taken you.

For now, linked below are the three tilesets, plus a ten-page coloring book I made as an example.

Bonus screenshot: my seven year said "oooooooooooo you know what this needs? A blacklight." So.

Working on this tileset has inspired dozens of great new ideas for its application, too, and I'm very excited to share those in the weeks and months ahead. Up next are a set of activities for kids and adults. But until then...

Be well, Traveller, and walk without rhythm.

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Tags1-bit, 2D, Photorealistic, Pixel Art, Retro, Tileset


12x12_border.png 6 kB
Coloring Book Version 1.pdf 1 MB
20201021_mono_basic_outline_.png 105 kB
20201021_mono_medieval_outline.png 56 kB
20201021_mono_modern_outline.png 101 kB
Coloring Book 2.pdf 781 kB
Coloring Book 2020 Annual.pdf 12 MB
Coloring Book 3.pdf 52 MB

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